WebAssign Tip: Apply Bonus or Penalty Points Automatically

Posted by Ashlynn Houk

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Did you know that in WebAssign you can give bonus points or apply penalties automatically to discourage random guessing, encourage students to complete their work early, give partial credit for attempting questions, or give extra credit for some questions? 

One of your challenges as an instructor is to motivate your students to learn. You want them to:

  • Complete assignments as early as possible, while material is still fresh and they have time to ask you questions
  • Think carefully about each question and not try to "game" the system by submitting random responses
  • Go beyond the minimum requirements of the class and learn additional material or apply concepts in more sophisticated ways
Because students will change their behavior to get a better overall grade, just using WebAssign helps motivate your students to complete their homework. And implementing effective extension policies helps motivate your students to complete work on time.

But to go beyond that, you can also use conditional bonus or penalty points to motivate your students. With conditional points, you can easily:

  • Provide bonuses for submitting work early
  • Use penalties to discourage guessing
  • Add extra credit questions that do not penalize incorrect answers
  • Give partial credit for attempting questions

Visit our online instructor help for step-by-step directions on how to set up conditional points.

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