Tips for Achieving a Good Work-Life Balance in College

Posted by Ashlynn Houk

College is an exciting yet challenging time for many students. Trying to find the right balance between school work and an expanding social life can be tough. It is essential to develop solid time-management skills to keep everything on track. Check out our tips below for how to maintain a good work-life balance in college so you can be as successful as possible.


  • Learn to study effectively. Along with college comes the inevitable fact that you will have to study. To make the most of your study time, make sure you are studying effectively. Check out our 6 tips to study smarter.
  • Make studying fun. To help with the work-life balance, consider organizing a study group. This way you can combine studying and socializing. Just be sure that you choose your study partners wisely so you are actually learning the material!
  • Manage your time. Plan out your week and block off chunks of time for studying, socializing, sleeping, eating, etc. Take a look at our time management tips for some other great ways to manage your time.
  • Set priorities. Setting priorities helps you to see what tasks are most important and should get done first so you can plan out your week and maximize your time. Consider creating a to-do list each week with top priorities first. Accomplishing tasks and marking things off your to-do list is very rewarding!
  • Stay healthy. Your physical and emotional well-being play a major role in your academic and personal success. Make sure you are exercising regularly, getting lots of sleep, and eating healthy so you are at the optimal health to get all your schoolwork done and still have time for fun. 

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