Student Spotlight: Sara Lucero

Posted by Ashlynn Houk

Sara Lucero

We love hearing from students using WebAssign to discover how it has helped them learn course concepts and achieve better grades. This week we shine the spotlight on Sara Lucero, a sophmore at the University of Washington who is studying Civil Engineering.

What do you like about WebAssign?

How intuitive the input interface is. It's very easy to type complicated equations. Mostly, I love that I can type theta or pi and WebAssign inputs the symbol for me.

How has WebAssign helped you prepare for exams or learn the concepts? 
Using practice problems from my former assignments or using the provided quizzes connected to the book has helped me prepare for exams.

What hobbies or extracurricular activities do you participate in outside of class?
I like art, mostly photography and painting. I think engineering is the bridge between my love for science and art. I also run and take part in engineering clubs at school.

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