Student Spotlight: Miriam Glickman

Posted by Ashlynn Houk

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We love hearing from students using WebAssign to discover how it has helped them learn course concepts and achieve better grades. This week we shine the spotlight on Miriam Glickman, who attends Lower Merion High School and has plans to be a Biomedical Engineer. 

What do you like about WebAssign?
I love the little checkmarks that WebAssign gives when you get the problem right-it's a little thrill. I also love being able to submit a problem at a time and not necessarily in order, that way I can concentrate on each problem without wondering if I did the last one correctly. It's awesome not carrying around so many problems in my backpack!

How has WebAssign helped you prepare for exams or learn the concepts? 
Many of my teachers often give WebAssign as homework and it's awesome being able to have practice problems to redo and compare to how I did them before. It's also great that sometimes similar problems are available for me to practice on so I don't always have to use up all my tries as I try out different methods.

What hobbies or extracurricular activities do you participate in outside of class?
I do robotics, theater, environmental club, NHS tutoring, math club, and I work for my camp in the programs they have throughout the year. I also spend time in a youth group as well.

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