6 Tips to Study Smarter

Posted by Ashlynn Houk

Studying is an essential part of learning and making great grades, but it can be an overwhelming process if you aren't prepared. But studying doesn't have to take hours of your time if you do it right. Through our conversations with students and instructors over the years, we've gathered the top tips to help you study smarter, make the most of your time, and ace your exams!

study smarter

  1. Break up your studying. Don’t plan for a marathon study session or all-nighter, even if it's what movies tell us all college kids do before a big exam. Instead break studying up into smaller chunks such as 25-30 minute sessions throughout the week. Research has show that chunking your studying helps you retain information easier.  

  2. Fuel up. Brain food is a real thing and we don't mean starting a zombie-inspired diet. Eating a healthy, balanced diet increases your thinking and memory abilities, so make take advantage of the salad bar before a big exam and don't forget your vitamins. At the very least don't try and study on an empty stomach. 

  3. Quiz yourself. Have a friend or family member quiz you on the material that you have studied to make sure you have solid understanding. This can help you pinpoint areas that you need to focus on more, as well as give you confidence on the topics that you have a firm mastery of when its time for the test. 

  4. Create a zen zone. Find a nice study spot with good lighting, comfortable seating, and no distractions (such as television, traffic, or loud conversation). If possible, use this same study spot every time you are preparing for an exam to train your brain to immediately snap into "study mode" when it is time to get down to business.
  5. Turn off your phone. These days our phones are our number one distraction so it’s a good idea to turn it off for your study sessions so you can focus on the material. The texts, social media notifications, and emails can wait and no distractions means you will get through studying much faster.

  6. Use study resources. If you do your homework through an online platform, take advantage of the extra practice and features available. With WebAssign, you can Practice Another Version and use the Personal Study Plan to maximize your learning. 

Looking for additional study support and resources? If you bought a book with WebAssign access and your instructor is not using WebAssign, you have the opportunity to use WebAssign as a self-study aid. Fill out this form to get started with WebAssign for self-study today. 

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