5 Time Management Tips for College Students

Posted by Ashlynn Houk

We know how hectic life can get at the end of the semester with exams, papers, team projects, extracurricular events, and football games. That’s why we have compiled a list of our top 5 best time management tips for college students. Implement these tips to stay on top of everything going on!

  1. Plan ahead. Invest in a good planner or calendar where you can keep track of all the due dates from your classes. If your instructors use an online learning system such as WebAssign, be sure to log in on a regular basis and use the calendar tool and other time management tools to stay on top of your scheduled due dates. 

  2. Create a distraction free zone. Plan for uninterrupted time to work on homework or study. Turn off your cell phone and television so there are no distractions. By spending some dedicated time focusing on the work you need to get done, you will be surprised how quickly you will be finished and ready to move on to something fun!

  3. Go to class. This one may sound like a buzzkill, but attending all of your classes will actually save you time. That hour you spend in class will help you keep up with the concepts presented during lecture and when projects or homework assignments are due. And you will be able to get through homework faster and studying will be easier if you have been keeping up with your lectures and notes all along.

  4. Figure out what works for you. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Figure out what time of day you have the most energy and focus and try to study during those times. Everyone is different, so capitalize on the time or place that you operate best and you should find yourself spending less time getting motivated to do the work, and more time actually moving through homework and projects to get them done faster.

  5. Reward yourself. Time management is all about balancing fun with studies, but it takes practice. If you’ve followed the tips above, be sure and reward yourself for your hard work! Give yourself some time to relax, hang out with friends, and make sure you make time for fun and give your brain a break.

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